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Revolutionary Socialism is thought about very deeply in this Art of Thinking Podcast. Greg Scorzo talks to writer, podcaster, and Zero Books publisher Douglas Lain. In the first two hours of this podcast, Scorzo and Lain discuss the ethos of Zero Books, Diet Soap media, Lain’s departure from Zero Books, communism, the instability of capitalism, working class revolutions, the problem of mass production, whether social structures undermine free will, incentives as desire technology, a world without wages or profit, the prospects for a working class revolution, and whether capitalism is worse than alternative forms of social organisation.  In the third hour of this podcast, Scorzo and Lain discuss Lain’s experiences on dating Apps, his experience as a newly single person at age fifty, sex positive feminism, the connection between sex and love, and whether or not Lain would ever date a porn star.

Sorry about the mic issues. However, it goes without saying, this discussion is still audible, and still riveting.

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