1. Free Thinking – THE ‘ART OF THINKING’ Podcast with Greg Scorzo and Lizzie Soden.

Founders/ directors of COTO

Greg Scorzo and Lizzie Soden introduce Free Thinking

NB much of this podcast in regards to COTO is now out of date.

COTO creators Lizzie Soden and Greg Scorzo’s dialogue includes an introduction to COTO, free thinking as well as an update post-COVID. It covers Identity Politics in relation to: Racism, Feminism, Class, Poverty, Privilege, Participatory Arts, Diversity, Representation, Activism, Dogmatism, Extremism, Equality of Outcome, Equality of Opportunity, Mental Health, Responsibility, Power vs Money, Dissenting Opinion, Social Stigmas, Conformity, Left-Wing Politics, Marginalisation, Homophobes, Queerphobes, and what’s wrong with traditional analytic philosophy.

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