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Greg Scorzo is a multifaceted individual with a strong background in philosophy and a diverse range of creative pursuits. Here’s a detailed overview of his profile and work:

  1. Academic Background: Greg Scorzo is based in Leicester, UK, and holds a PhD in Meta-Ethics, an MA in Ethics and Political Philosophy from the University of Nottingham, and a BA in Philosophy from Whittier College in California​​.
  2. Author and Writer: He is an accomplished author and writer. Recently, Scorzo published his first novel and is currently working on publishing a collection of his film essays​​. His work in the literary field spans genres like contemporary, fiction, and philosophy, indicating a wide range of interests and expertise​​.
  3. Philosophical Work and Public Speaking: As a philosopher, Scorzo engages in the ‘Art of Thinking using dialogues,’ which suggests a focus on critical thinking and philosophical discourse. His work in this area is featured on various platforms, including his YouTube channel, which showcases his thoughts and dialogues on philosophical topics​​.
  4. Influences and Themes: His influences include notable figures such as George Orwell, William S. Burroughs, Amy Bender, and David Foster Wallace, suggesting a blend of political, social, and existential themes in his work​​.

Overall, Greg Scorzo appears to be a thinker and creator who combines his deep understanding of philosophy with creative expression, spanning across writing, speaking, and engaging in intellectual discussions. His work not only reflects his academic background but also his commitment to exploring and discussing complex ideas and societal issues.

His novel LOVE BEFORE COVID is available from Troubador Publishing and all good bookshops.

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