CHAT GBT – Can you tell me about the novel ‘Love before Covid?’

Love Before Covid (2021).

Love Before Covid, written by Greg Scorzo, is a novel that delves into the complexities and darker aspects of human relationships and love. The book, published on November 27, 2021, offers a multifaceted exploration of these themes through its characters and narrative:

  1. Diverse Characters: The novel introduces a variety of characters, each with their own unique struggles and perspectives. These include an altruist who has trouble standing up for himself, a gregarious bartender desperate to become pregnant, a traumatized art historian who despises children, a successful Mexican writer who dislikes her own friends, and a public intellectual with a troubling past​​.
  2. Exploration of Unhealthy Love: The central theme of the book is an exploration of what healthy love is not. This approach suggests that the novel delves into the more problematic or dysfunctional aspects of love and relationships, perhaps to provide a contrast to what healthy love could be​​.
  3. Joe Pastorious’s Story: The main storyline revolves around Joe Pastorious, a writer and English teacher. Joe, a jazz enthusiast and poet based in Leicester, is portrayed as a victim of severe sexual and emotional abuse by his mother. This traumatic background sets the stage for a deep dive into his psyche and emotional world​​​​.
  4. Journey Through Joe’s Mind: The narrative takes readers on a journey through Joe’s mind, featuring real-time dialogues emerging from his corrupted memories and dystopian dreams. This exploration of Joe’s unconscious mind is likely to reveal his inner conflicts, fears, and perhaps his perspectives on love and relationships, shaped by his traumatic experiences​​.

Love Before Covid” appears to be a thought-provoking and potentially challenging read, offering insights into the darker and more complex sides of human emotions and relationships. The novel’s focus on characters with deeply flawed or troubled aspects, coupled with the exploration of Joe Pastorious’s troubled past and psyche, suggests a narrative rich in psychological depth and moral complexity.

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