Arts and Culture can serve both as a repository of society’s collective memory, and a glimpse at how things could be. Creativity is resistant to things remaining the same. It can be an illumination or interpretation of beauty and ugliness, good and evil, truth and lies, transcending our everyday existence.

Any zeitgeist change in society is embedded in and driven by our Arts and Culture., The impact of the creation of ground-breaking and cutting edge arts, performance, theatre, literature, music, film, TV, creative internet projects, comedy and satire or fashion can abruptly wake people up or seep through slowly whilst they sleep. However it will always to a greater or lesser extent change the way the viewer sees things.

It can enthrall and challenge, thrill and perplex. It can ask questions, and change the way we think. It is imitated or added to. Arguably no two people will ever experience the same work or the same artefact in the same way, yet there is always a kind of shifting sand of emergent truth underlying it all.