8. The Birth Strike Movement and ‘Karen’ – Greg Scorzo with William Costello (Part 1 )

Writer, Speaker, Evolutionary Psychology

Evolutionary Psychology and Cancel culture discussed by writer and student of evolutionary psychology, William Costello.

In this thought provoking podcast, William Costello and Greg Scorzo discuss evolutionary psychology and the cancel culture of today. Firstly, they discuss the ‘birth strike’ movement, contemporary environmentalism and the fear of human progress. Secondly, they also explore the connection between environmentalism and identity politics, the veneration of suffering and the ethical responsibility of all individuals to care about the planet. Thirdly, they provide an insight into the effectiveness of shame as a motivating incentive and whether racism is a political or technocratic problem. They also provide an insightful discussion about the tendency of people to use the term ‘Karen’ to refer to annoying white women, and the ethics of cancel culture.

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