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10. Intellectual Freedom and the Culture Wars – Greg Scorzo with Piers Benn (Part 1)

Philosopher, Academic, Author, Lecturer

Intellectual Podcasts for the curious minds with Piers Benn a philosopher and author.

These intellectual podcasts will help you to think deeply, boost knowledge and live better. Greg Scorzo talks to philosopher Piers Benn about his recent book, Intellectual Freedom and the Culture Wars. In this part 1 of a two part podcast, Scorzo and Benn discuss issues that arise in this book.

Firstly, they discuss the freedom of speech, the tension between activism and free inquiry. Secondly, they explore whether enlightenment freedoms are a way for the powerful to subjugate the powerless and whether free speech is right wing.  Thirdly, they look at the definition of transphobia, the censoring of Germaine Greer, racism and Halloween costumes. Finally, quite some interesting topics I must say, the psychology of Donald Trump, whether the mainstream media is left-wing, and the problem of ideological fanaticism are also covered in this podcast. 

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